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Ground Accessibility Mat for Beaches Made

Light and durable it is specifically developed to create a permanent or temporary route for individuals of all abilities (pedestrians and wheelchair users). It can be installed and removed quickly. It enables you to easily create a safe and comfortable pathway, visible to all.

Available in several widths and lengths, HDPE Access Mat allows safe movement on sand. It requires low maintenance and doesn’t retain sand within its surface that’s why technical staff loves our HDPE Access Mat!


Made in the China

Color: Light blue or light tan. Additional colors are available upon inquiry.

Weight / unit: 61 lbs.

Dimensions: 4’ x 6’. Customizable dimensions optional, up to 5’ x 8’

Core thickness: ½”

Warranty: 10 Yrs.

Environmentally Friendly

Our panels are 100% recyclable.

HDPE Access Mat is fully accessible via wheelchair, beach access chair, walker, stroller, or other wheeled pedestrian assistance vehicles. HDPE Access Mat provides a firm, comfortable and non-slip surface no matter the incline.

CNC machines are used to finish our mat with precision to exceed the accessibility guidelines. Contact us for more specifics.

Advantages :


High exposure


Quick installation and removal

Promotion of your commitment to accessibility

Makes your investment profitable

HDPE panels designed to:

• Create platforms and returning points
• Create access for heavy-duty vehicles

The dimensions, treads, and holes placement

  • Completely customizable- Ten recessed connection holes allow you to connect your panels in a multitude of formations to specifically fit your needs!

  • The dimensions make it more manageable and transportable as its 4’ width fits easily in the bed of most pickup trucks.

  • Reversible- Our decking system has a unique integrated tread pattern molded onto each side of the plate to serve multi-purpose solutions. On one side it offers a wheelchair/pedestrian friendly, non-slip "Chevron tread" to guarantee a safe and comfortable access way while providing a traction-resistant surface. The other side offers a standard rigid surface tread that provides additional tire traction, helping to prevent mat slippage or spin out. This capability is ideal for situations where the need for wheelchair and pedestrian access is present; however, a rugged tread design may, at one point, be desired.