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Why Temporary Roadway is a Cost-Effective Resource

Why Temporary Roadway is a Cost-Effective Resource

Deploying temporary roadway mats does moer than provide your machinery a way to move about the job site more easily.By protecting the ground surface itself,you avoid the possibility of weather creating impassable conditions.Simultaneously,the finishing touches of a job are much easier when you do not need to repair the ground surface around a new structure or installation.Oz Mats save time,make your work safer,and last for years even under tough conditions.

  • With overlapping flanges,an interlocking design,and secure connection system,Xinxing composite mats create strong,stable,non-shifting temporary roadways that prevent dangerous drifting,separation and hopping under heavy folling loads.

  • Crossing wet,soggy,muddy or marshy ground conditions to get to job sites increases the risk of expensive machinery and equipment getting stuck or damaged.Temporary road mats safely support heavy machinery over challenging ground conditions while providing personnel with dry,anti-slip surfaces.

  • Xinxing's access mats are made from non-toxic HDPE,which protects vegetation and environmentally sensitive areas from damage and controls soil compaction,preventing time consuming and expensive remediation efforts.


Composite mats provide non-shifting portable roadways that reduce the risk of accidents over challenging ground conditions.With reliable work surfaces,jobs stay on schedule,helping reduce project costs.

Xinxing's construction mats eliminate cross-contamination between worksites and the possible transmission of parasites,chemicals,oils,mold and insects.Mats will not rot or degrade,which allows for long-term installations with minimal environmental impact.After each use mats can be cleaned and reused on the next job site.

Benefits of Composite Mats

  • Lock-and-go,secure connection system provides safety,stability and quicker installations

  • Saves time and money on shipping with more mats per truckload than 3-ply wood mats

  • Protects your equipment and minimizes wear and tear

  • Composite matting is available in a range of sizes and weight capacities

  • Composite mats are a sustainable solution that lasts up to 10 years,providing a significant ROI