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HDPE hockey Slide board
HDPE hockey Slide board

Product Description

Before you can become an excellent player, you have to become an excellent skater. The Xinxing Slide Board was designed to build the muscles to help you get there. It helps you work on lateral power, agility and endurance so you’re quicker on the ice, quicker to the puck and more valuable to any team you’re on. 

Manufactured from the highest quality polycarbonate resin, which allows for a highly durable but easily portable system.

*Available in 8' and 10' lengths.

*Easily adjusts between 4' and 10' in 1' increments.

*A reinforced non-skid underside that insures the slide board stays in place.

*One pair of Medium high-quality footwear (shoe size 8 to 11).

*One carry bag- for complete portability.

*Light weight for portability.