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PE Sheet,HDPE Sheet pad PE plate
PE Sheet,HDPE Sheet pad PE plate

Product Description

HDPE Advantages & Key Features:

Highest abrasion resistance of any polymer, 6 times more wear resistant than steel

Anti-Weather & Anti-Aging

Self-lubricating, Very low coefficient of friction

Excellent chemical & corrosion resistant

superior impact resistant, Noise- absorption, Vibration-absorption 

Temperature range: -2600C ~ +800C; Very high resistance to cold,doesn't become fragile even under -1800C 

High tensile Strength

Non-Toxic and smell

UV resistanceFlame Retardant; Relatively low in water absorption

Excellent electrical properties-Good performance in resisting environment stress crack, 200 times of ordinary PE

No adhesion  

Light weight and easier to handle and fix

Cost efficient; Resulting in low energy consumption

Does not rot, split or crack; 100% recyclable 

Great liner material for industrial material handling applications

Easy Reprocessed

HDPE is an engineering plastic that is often underestimated and although HDPE is popular, it is sometimes confused 

with other engineering plastics. HDPE is a shortened name for High Density Polyethylene and available in two main 

grades, 300 and 500 grade. The higher the HDPE grade number the higher the density of the plastic is which improves

 the performance of the product. 

HDPE offers resistance to almost all acids and bases, detergents and hot water. HDPE is an excellent engineering plastic

 that has many unique and useful properties to offer users who need a varied and combined range of beneficial features.